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Bruin Belles 

Service Association

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As a non-profit organization, the Bruin Belles Service Association is a self-funded student organization. The goal of the fundraising office is to support the needs of the organization. The Bruin Belles Scholarship Fund helps ensure that financial considerations never hinder any Belle's ability to be an active member. This includes alleviating the financial burden of transportation and social event expenses.The goal of the fundraising office is to also fundraise money throughout the year to donate to organizations that we closely work with. Every year at our Spring Banquet, Belles donate to a voted charity. Previous recipients were Planned Parenthood and Everytown for Gun Safety.

To help with fundraising, Belles get to participate in TV Tapings, Dinner Nights, Trivias, and Bruin Walk Sales to name a few! Belles also get to participate in workshops centered on financial literacy and entrepreneurship - both of which are important for UCLA students who want to achieve economic security after college and to start small businesses.


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