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Bruin Belles 

Service Association

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Women's Leadership

As one of the core values of the organization, BBSA hosts its annual UCLA-wide Women’s Leadership Conference during Winter Quarter. We invite a diverse group of speakers and advocates to come spend a day with us and promote professional and personal empowerment, community outreach, and global issue awareness. The Conference is a highly positive, motivating and empowering event open to all UCLA students and is an extremely unique opportunity for college students to learn from female role models at the forefront of their fields. Speakers in the past have included Valorie Kondos-Field (Miss Val), Nadia Allaudin, Carla Christofferson, Shirley Wang and many more. 


The office also pays attention on building professional skills, advocating for mental and physical health and encouraging discussion about current issues in the world today. Many of our alumni have served as personal as well as professional mentors and have conducted workshops to aid current members in the various aspects of college life. 

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