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Pumpkin Patch
Candy Cane Lane
Dining Hall Dinners
Alumnae Brunch
Spring Formal 2019
Disneyland 2019
Spring Photo Shoot
Alumnae Brunch

BBSA members enjoy a wide variety of fabulous social events throughout the school year! Through events such as hikes, coffee dates, food adventures, museum trips, and our annual Disneyland visit, members gain countless opportunities to foster lifelong friendships within this prestigious organization.The social office also organizes two of our Belle favorites, our annual Fall Retreat and our annual Winter Retreat. At Fall Retreat, Baby Belles are officially introduced and welcomed into the organization through a day of games, fun and bonding under the sun. Winter Retreat grants Baby Belles the opportunity to scavenge around campus for clues to find out who their Big Belle and Belle Family is. And as tradition dictates, onesies must be worn! Additionally, at the end of each quarter, members celebrate their remarkable achievements in through exciting events such as Fall Party, Winter Party, and Spring Formal.

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