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Bruin Belles 

Service Association

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any other time for me to talk to Belles and learn more about BBSA?
We will have two Open House opportunities at which prospective applicants can meet Distinguished Belles and members of the Executive Board and learn more about our experiences in BBSA. Open House is held in October during our Fall Recruitment period. We hope to see you there!
What is the time commitment when joining Bruin Belles?
BBSA has one mandatory meeting, each Monday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Additionally, there are event requirements that usually range from 1-5 hours each. All of our members find it manageable to juggle school, other clubs or sorority duties, and the event requirements of BBSA. Many of our members find that BBSA complements their other activities and also find it a valuable campus-networking tool as we interact with so many people.
What if I have class or another commitment when Monday meetings take place (from 4-5 p.m.)?
We are understanding and accommodating of members who have conflicting class schedules with the meeting times. Members simply need to inform the President before the quarter begins, and they will still have the opportunity to sign up for any event they would like. For other time conflicts, the member will again email the President and submit her request, which the Executive Board will then evaluate.
Can I apply even if I'm a...?
Yes! We encourage anyone interested in our organization to apply. Bruin Belles Service Association does not discriminate.
If I missed recruitment in the fall, can I apply in the winter?
Unfortunately at the this time we are only holding recruitment during fall quarter. If you find that you are still interested in our organization next year, please check back here for recruitment updates. We'd love to have you apply!
I'm interested in applying, is there anything I can do to prepare for Fall Recruitment?
The Executive Board is looking for applicants that have taken the time to learn about our organization. We look for individuals who can articulate why BBSA is a perfect match for them and how they would personally contribute to BBSA. We encourage prospective applicants to check out our social media sites. Our Instagram, Facebook, and Blog are great ways to follow our activities throughout the year.
What is the acceptance rate for new members?
Bruin Belles accepts 10-15% of new applicants every year. Our finite financial resources, limited philanthropic opportunities, and self-sustaining structure prohibit BBSA from providing for more than approximately 90 members. In addition, BBSA is dedicated to forming an integrated and cohesive support group, and believes the best way to do so is through a small, tight-knit community.
What can I do if it's my second time applying?
If you have previously applied to Bruin Belles and choose to apply again, your application will  be entered into a new application pool and you will have a renewed opportunity to join the organization. We are looking for applicants who illustrate growth in the past year in their application, and take time to meet current members at our recruitment events, especially Open House. You may consider revising your application to include more specific details about why BBSA is a good fit for you and what you can contribute to our community.
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