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Jazlyn Raymond

Campus Culture Director


Standing: Senior

Major: Sociology

Minor: Entrepreneurship 

Hometown: Pasadena, CA 

Contact: campusculture@bruinbelles.com


At the beginning of my second year at UCLA, I still had yet to find my place on campus. I was searching for an organization where I could use my time for good and hopefully meet some new friends along the way. I stumbled upon Bruin Belles, and it somehow had everything I was looking for - a dedication to serving the community around us, a focus on women's leadership, opportunity for professional growth, and a network of kind and passionate women. Now beginning my third year as a Bruin Belle, I could not imagine my UCLA experience without this group of dynamic women. Each member brings something unique to the table, and they have each helped to give me a new perspective on life and the world around me.  


As this year's Campus Culture director, I am so excited to explore the UCLA campus and community through volunteering. The events in this office uniquely combine Belles' passion for service with our UCLA pride. Through Campus Culture events, Belles have special opportunities available, such as volunteering to work with sports media in the Rose Bowl Press Box, decorating the locker rooms of our world-renowned Division I sports teams, and helping to plan and execute one of our largest events of the year, P.L.A.Y. Day. My hope for this year is to highlight the wonderful athletics, culture, and education programs that makes UCLA special, and to help Belles discover new aspects of this broad and diverse campus as we serve our local community. 

Lulu Lidzbarski



Standing: Senior

Majors: Communication; Psychology

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Contact: president@bruinbelles.com


During my time in Bruin Belles, I have gained far more than I ever imagined when I applied as a freshman three years ago. BBSA has made me who I am today by allowing me to better the community I grew up in, welcoming me into an uplifting environment that has empowered me with purpose, and giving me role models that I can turn to no matter what. Each member of this organization has permanently impacted me for the better, and it is a privilege to give back to the most selfless, inspiring, and dedicated group of women that I know.


I am honored to serve as the President of BBSA for the 2019-2020 academic year. Bruin Belles is my home, and I cannot wait to guide this organization as we create opportunities for each Belle to pursue their individual passions and leave her positive mark as our generation’s greatest leaders. My goal for this year is to develop Bruin Belles both personally and professionally, and I intend to do so by increasing access to our extensive alumni network, expanding the roles that allow general members to assume responsibility, and celebrating the diversity that allows us to unite in doing good. Most of all, I look forward to fostering the community of ambitious and compassionate women that makes BBSA unique.

Kaitlyn Peterson

Co-Philanthropy Director


Standing: Senior

Majors: English and Communication Studies

Hometown: Orange, CA

Contact: philanthropy@bruinbelles.com


As soon as I stopped by at the Bruin Belles Service Association's table at UCLA's Activities Fair, I knew that it would be such an honor to be apart of this wonderful organization. Every opportunity has provided such a fulfilling experience, in which I can find purpose in serving others. Whether fellow Belles and I are dancing with veterans, serving foster youth, or reading to children, Bruin Belles has allowed us to truly make a difference and spread joy in our community.


Bruin Belles has given me the opportunity to provide hands-on service  with a community rooted in philanthropy and selflessness. I hope to further this hands-on service in my position as Philanthropy Co-Director, in which I communicate with organizations and plan our philanthropic opportunities. I am so honored and excited to give back to Bruin Belles Service Association with this position, and I am very much looking forward to a year full of growth, service, empowerment, and inspiration! 

Annika Munson



Standing: Junior

Major: Communications

Minor: Global Studies

Hometown: Farmington, CT

Contact: secretary@bruinbelles.com


Being part of Bruin Belles has been an immensely rewarding experience that has provided me with some of my closest friends and a true home away from home. From getting involved on campus through events like our Women’s Leadership Conference, to working with external organizations throughout Los Angeles, I am extremely grateful to be able to interact with the communities around me in a meaningful and positive way.


This year I am honored to be serving as Secretary, and am excited to contribute to the growth of this organization. As an out-of-state student, my college experience was made infinitely better due to the love and respect I have consistently received from BBSA. As Secretary, I hope to continue to support this community of beautiful and empowering women!

AJ Maloney

Public Relations Director


Standing: Senior

Major: History

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

Contact: publicrelations@bruinbelles.com


Joining Bruin Belles has given me a sense of purpose on campus. Serving the UCLA campus and the greater Los Angeles area has not only made my college experience extremely fulfilling, but has also brought me to the most inspiring women that I am privileged to call my fellow Belles.


As Public Relations Director, one of my goals is to facilitate lasting bonds between Belles and Belle Alumni. As a senior, I am motivated to start new traditions for greater alumni involvement that I can participate in next year as a Belle Alumna. I hope that our social media platforms serve as a reflection of BBSA's commitment to service and standard of professionalism. I am not only grateful, but also proud to be a member of an organization with such a longstanding tradition of leadership through service.

Madeleine Britt

Fundraising Director


Standing: Junior

Major 1: Economics

Major 2: French Language and Literature

Hometown: Burbank, CA

Contact: fundraising@bruinbelles.com


Before even applying to UCLA, I had heard of Bruin Belles Service Organization from a family friend. Although I was in high school at the time, the organization's core values spoke to me and encouraged me to look for service-focused communities when I started college. Naturally, when I was accepted to UCLA I knew I had to join this phenomenal organization and make a difference in my community. Over the past two years,  Bruin Belles has allowed to volunteer,  grow, and learn so much over the past few years. From volunteering with children at P.L.A.Y. day to teaching fellow UCLA peers about Women's Leadership at our annual conference,  I am extremely grateful for the opportunities BBSA provides its members to grow into mature, empower, professional women.


This year, I am beyond excited to serve as the Fundraising Director for the 2019-2020 school year and I cannot wait to help make BBSA more affordable and accessible to all Belles. Bruin Belles has taught me so much about leadership, character, and professionalism and I am ecstatic to help future Belles grow alongside this incredible organization over the next year. My goal for this school year is to create financially accessible events and help the organization grow!

Aly Ishimoto

Social Director


Standing: Senior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Palos Verdes, CA

Contact: social@bruinbelles.com


Over the last two years, I’ve discovered that what makes BBSA so unique is the diversity of the Belles around me. Many, if not all, are pursuing more than one passion, and everyone is always excited to mentor and share what they learned with each other. BBSA has given me the privilege of meeting so many amazing, self-empowered women who have been an inspiration to me. It was through the people I met here that I learned to be a more confident leader, to bravely pursue my passions, and to humbly learn from other dedicated women. 


As the Social Director, I hope to create fun and integrating social events for the organization I care most about. Through the social events, I hope to provide Belles with the opportunity to bond with other Belles and to foster lifelong relationships. Belles has been a home away from home for me and my goal is to continue to provide a welcoming and supportive environment. 

Kara Justeson

Women’s Leadership Director


Standing: Junior

Majors: Human Biology and Society 

Minors: Public Health and Asian American Studies

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Contact: womensleadership@bruinbelles.com


When I think about some of the biggest factors that have shaped my experience at UCLA, BBSA is one of the first things that comes to mind. I joined Belles looking for a way to volunteer and be more involved in the UCLA and greater Los Angeles communities. After my first quarter, I could tell this organization was so much more. I loved all the community service and empowering women’s leadership events, and the support expressed by all the members made me feel less lost at a school as big as UCLA. I was amazed to find a group of people who were so professional, passionate, and dedicated to making a difference across various fields and interests. Bruin Belles has given me people who are mentors and life long friends all wrapped into one, and for that, I am extremely grateful. 


This year, I am honored to take upon the role of Women’s Leadership Director. For me, this means creating space to begin conversations that strengthen us all as a community. Some of my favorite aspects of Bruin Belles are the diversity of interests, experiences, future goals, and the level of passion I have encountered in every individual. I can not express enough how much I value these traits, and through this office, I aim to celebrate the perspectives and wisdom we can share with each other. This year, Women’s Leadership will focus on three pillars: Professionalism & Personal Development, Advocacy & Allyship, and Mental Health & Wellness. Through these pillars, I plan to create events that challenges us all to have difficult conversations and be more conscious, prepared, and considerate versions of ourselves. I am so excited for another year of growing and learning with and from one another. 


Maria Zarifis

Co-Philanthropy Director


Standing: Senior

Major: Human Biology & Society

Minor: Environmental Systems & Society

Hometown: Alameda, CA

Contact: bbsaphilanhtropy@bruinbelles.com 


I can't believe I'm beginning my fourth and final year in Bruin Belles. I knew I wanted to continue my involvement in a service organization in college, but Bruin Belles has been so much more than that. Homesick and unsure of my place here at UCLA, Bruin Belles has given my college experience purpose and truly defined my time as a Bruin. In one organization I have found some of my best friends, been introduced to amazing organizations, grown professionally and personally, and simply explored the LA area.

As Philanthropy Co-Director, I hope to facilitate meaningful relationships between our members and the communities we work with. I want to provide our members with impactful opportunities that connect us to our community, both on campus and in the surrounding LA area. Whether it be supporting grassroots organizations or reading to elementary students, the women in Bruin Belles are making a difference and do so with such an immense passion. I hope to help this office grow even more, but of course I am thrilled to continue our collaboration with organizations like Reading to Kids, Challah for Hunger, and Food Forward.  I feel so grateful to serve on the Executive Board again this year!

Bruin Belles 

Service Association

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