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Bruin Belles 

Service Association

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Mia Baker


Standing: Senior

Majors: Computational & Systems Biology 

Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Contact: president@bruinbelles.com

Bruin Belles has shaped me far more than any other organization on campus during my time at UCLA. It has taught me how to be an effective leader, how to examine stories from every perspective, and how to find community in the face of unprecedented hardship. I will be forever thankful for the incredible, strong women I have had the pleasure of meeting within this organization and the tools they have given me to be successful after I leave UCLA. What makes Belles so special to me is the welcoming, uplifting environment its members create, as well as their undying passion for service and empowerment. I admire each and every member of Belles for their countless amazing qualities, and I am so privileged to serve the community that has shaped me into the leader I am today.

I am honored to serve as the President of Bruin Belles for the 2020-2021 academic year. Bruin Belles is my home, and I am beyond excited to uplift this community further and continue cultivating passion for service and empowerment. This year, I hope to continue to grow our extensive alumni networking opportunities, increase professional development workshops, expand the involvement of General Members on hands-on leadership roles, and promote a close-knit community of Belles. I cannot wait to continue improving upon this incredible organization so Belles can get the most out of their college experience.

Kelsey Kuwahara

Co-Community Outreach Director


Standing: Junior

Major: Cognitive Science 

Minor: Global Health

Hometown: Burlingame, CA

Contact: philanhtropy@bruinbelles.com 


As a frightened first-year, I was searching for a place to belong, a place to make an intimidating and seemingly impersonal campus just a little smaller, and as cheesy as that sounds, I found that and so much more in Bruin Belles. I am constantly inspired by Belles and how they facilitate compassion, connection and communication. It is so rare to find an organization like Belles that genuinely celebrates the highs with you, supports you during the lows, and enables and encourages you to grow, an organization that not only strives to provide opportunities for professional development, but also personal growth. Through my time in BBSA, I’ve discovered the value in surrounding myself with those that uplift me and make every place feel like home. 

I’m beyond honored and excited to serve and give back to the BBSA and greater LA community as Co-Community Outreach Director. I hope to not only offer events that Belles are passionate about, but to also help others discover new opportunities for service that are rooted in community engagement and development. Moreover, I want to emphasize community-driven and COVID-relief efforts, and to encourage and empower those around me to discover, develop, and harness their strengths. I not only want to see my fellow Belles grow more into the beautiful, strong, passionate individuals they are, but also want to see the communities around us grow.  


Sienna Stinson

Co-Community Outreach Director


Standing: Senior

Major: Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Templeton, CA

Contact: bbsaphilanthropy@bruinbelles.com

BBSA is a community of strong, kind, and capable women leaders who not only actively make a difference in their communities but also inspire and encourage those around them to do the same. Being surrounded by Belles during my time in BBSA reshaped my perspective on what individuals, including myself, are capable of when love for others is combined with a work ethic and purpose, and what a momentous impact a group of these individual can have when they work together to uplift both themselves and their communities. Being a Belle has given me the opportunity to become a part of this community of women, and I am so thankful for each Belle in my life and memory I share with them.

As Community Outreach co-director, I hope to serve my community of Belles by organizing service opportunities through which they can make a difference in the communities around them. This year, I am working to begin a long-term virtual tutoring program with a focus on children in the foster care system, which will give Belles the chance to both help youth in their education and develop a mentoring relationship with younger students. I hope to also facilitate innovative events that will allow Belles to continue to serve vulnerable populations, such as food and blanket drives for those struggling with food and housing insecurity, as well as solo beach or trail cleanups to practice environmental stewardship. I am honored to serve on board this year and look forward to planning events and serving beside my fellow Belles!

Sarah Fatkin



Standing: Junior

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: French

Hometown: Roseland, NJ

Contact: secretary@bruinbelles.com


Joining Bruin Belles has been the highlight of my UCLA experience. BBSA has given me the opportunity to serve both at UCLA and in the greater Los Angeles community while forming lifelong friendships. As an out-of-state student, BBSA has become my home away from home. I am constantly inspired by my fellow Belles and am so grateful to be a part of this amazing organization.


As Secretary, my goal is to support Belles as they grow professionally and personally. One of my favorite things about being a Belle is how connected this organization helps me feel to the communities around me. I hope that by expanding BBSA’s virtual resources, I can help Belles navigate the school year more easily while offering them more opportunities to make the most of their time at UCLA. I am honored to be serving on BBSA’s executive board this year and cannot wait to see future Belles thrive.


Bri Gorham

Public Relations Director


Standing: Senior

Major: Political Science

Minor: European Studies

Hometown: Wildomar, CA

Contact: publicrelations@bruinbelles.com


Joining Bruin Belles has given me a sense of purpose on campus. Serving the UCLA campus and the greater Los Angeles area has not only made my college experience extremely fulfilling, but has also brought me to the most inspiring women that I am privileged to call my fellow Belles.


As Public Relations Director, one of my goals is to facilitate lasting bonds between Belles and Belle Alumni. As a senior, I am motivated to start new traditions for greater alumni involvement that I can participate in next year as a Belle Alumna. I hope that our social media platforms serve as a reflection of BBSA's commitment to service and standard of professionalism. I am not only grateful, but also proud to be a member of an organization with such a longstanding tradition of leadership through service.

Kristal Orta Martinez

Fundraising Director


Standing: Junior

Major: History

Minor:  Disability Studies 

Hometown: Los Angeles , CA

Contact: fundraising@bruinbelles.com

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Bruin Belles was not an acapella group when a friend of mine had asked me to apply with her our second year at UCLA. It was a spontaneous decision on my part to apply because I was still a shy and insecure underclassman trying to find my place at UCLA. I knew I wanted to be a part of something at the heart of UCLA but also the greater Los Angeles community— being a native Angeleno myself. When I learned that BBSA beautifully intertwined service, women’s leadership, and a family aspect, I knew that it would not only help me find a home within UCLA but encompass my passion for philanthropy and my developing feminist perspective. Through BBSA I have found my voice, grown professionally and socially, and found some of the most amazing friends at UCLA.

I am excited to serve as Fundraising Director for the 2020-2021 school year and am looking forward to the strategies that will be utilized in order to make BBSA more affordable to our Bruin Belles. Considering the state of the pandemic, I am going to try everything possible to listen to our Belles and meet them where they are regarding finances and accessibility. I am very thankful to BBSA for helping me grow professionally and am excited to help other Belles, new and current, grow with the organization and not allow finances to be an obstacle. I am so proud to be a member of this organization and I will continue to support this community of beautiful and empowering women!


Jordan Holman

Social Director


Standing: Junior 

Major: English

Hometown: San Anselmo, CA

Contact: social@bruinbelles.com


I can distinctly remember each Bruin Belles social event that led to the formation of a new friendship. That, to me, is what makes this organization so extraordinary. It gives us the chance to meet like-minded, passionate, driven womxn who so effortlessly become family. These past two years, I have had the honor of working alongside some of my closest friends as we served and explored the LA area. And I can’t wait to step into this new leadership role and continue to enact positive change. 


As Social Director, my greatest hope is that you too can cultivate these lifelong friendships at every social event, that we can make memories to look back on, and that every opportunity is full of something meaningful. Even though this year’s circumstances may be different than last, that has never hindered my passion for BBSA. My goal still remains the same: to provide a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment where all of us can thrive. I know that we can still form incredible bonds, even if we’re using Zoom as our main platform. Being surrounded by such dynamic, innovative individuals has taught me to always seek creative outlets and find new ways to approach a task when the going gets tough. Because of this, I know that my mission remains steadfast. I’m so proud to be a member of this organization and even more so to be serving as your Social Director. 

Devanshi Agarwal

Women’s Leadership Director


Standing: Senior

Majors: Biochemistry 

Minors: Art History 

Hometown: Chennai, India 

Contact: womensleadership@bruinbelles.com


BBSA has been instrumental in molding not only my UCLA experience but also my individual growth. The community service, campus culture, social, and womxn's leadership events that I've had the privilege of attending have given me an insight into the multiple spheres that exist in the world around us, while reminding me of the power we hold as community changemakers. Moreover, the unwavering sense of support I've felt and the knowledge I've gained from this group of womxn have truly instilled a deeper sense of community in me, and I am so grateful for everything BBSA has given me in the past two years: the experiences, the friendships, and the memories.


I'm extremely humbled to have the opportunity to serve as the Womxn's Leadership Director this year. Within the fast-paced environment around us in addition to the inevitable roadblocks we face, it's so important to take some time out of our lives to reflect on ourselves: our goals, feelings, and relationships. Through the WL office, I hope to offer events and create a space that enables each member to have the opportunity to take a step back and evaluate themselves with the support of so many incredible womxn. My office will operate on three main pillars: personal growth including a focus on self-care and mental health, professional development through guidance, and social awareness with emphasis on the intersections that exist between race, gender, income-level, etc. This year, I hope to also make the office extremely collaborative since there is so much to learn from each other's experiences! I look forward to another incredible year at BBSA filled with meaningful growth and learning.


Kelsey Warren

Campus Culture Director


Standing: Junior

Major: Biology

Minor: Environmental Systems & Society

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA


Like many incoming freshmen, I felt both excited and overwhelmed by the staggering amount of extracurricular activities available to me when I began my time at UCLA. After hearing about Bruin Belles from a Belle who had attended my high school as well as chatting with DBs and Board members at Open House, I was absolutely drawn to the kindness and confidence these womxn showed me. Throughout my involvement in BBSA, I’ve been continuously impressed by the strength and empathy held among Bruin Belles. I’m so grateful to be a part of such a welcoming, empowering, and down-to-earth group of womxn who give their time to better the UCLA and Los Angeles communities. 


I am honored and excited to take on the role of 2020-2021 Campus Culture Director. This year, I hope to expand the scope of the Campus Culture office to more fully reflect the breadth of activities and causes that UCLA students are involved in and passionate about. I believe this office has the potential to enhance Belles’ engagement in opportunities specifically afforded to us as UCLA students, and I would like to capitalize on and celebrate those opportunities for members of BBSA. With this in mind, I have slightly adapted the pillars of the Campus Culture office for this school year to include: Activism, Culture/Arts, Education, and Athletics. I hope these categories will encompass a greater cache of opportunities through which Belles can find activities on campus that align with passions they wish to explore. I’m so excited to grow both as an organization and an individual alongside such considerate and outstanding womxn this year.