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Bruin Belles 

Service Association

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What are we looking for in a Bruin Belle?

The core of Bruin Belles Service Association is the service our members provide to the community and UCLA. The Executive Board is therefore looking for dedicated and passionate students who are eager to serve. It is also our hope that members have this dedication and passion for BBSA and are willing to create a community within Belles by attending social events and going above and beyond the event requirements.

It is our belief that Belles should be making a difference within the community through service and leadership, but also should impact one another. We endeavor to find members who want to build the meaningful relationships that enhance the college experience. Any Bruin Belle must also exemplify the professional standards expected of the organization, as BBSA represents UCLA around Los Angeles.

Fall Recruitment 

Bruin Belles Service Association accepts applications at the beginning of every Fall Quarter. The applications are be released every September along with more information about the recruitment process. 

Recruitment Process​

Step 1: Fill out an application online

For your convenience, the application will be posted online for you to fill out mid-September. Completed applications will be due online mid-October. 

Step 2: Interviews

Based upon the strength of the written application, the Executive Board will call back applicants for an in-person interview. Interviews will take place during the week following the application due date. The interviews are a tool for us to learn more about each applicant.

Step 3: Decisions

A member of the Executive Board will contact the applicant at the end of Interview Week regarding the result of the application.


Please be aware that acceptance to Bruin Belles Service Association means mandatory attendance to a virtual Fall Retreat and Orientation Party late October.


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